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Ottawa Montessori Elementary SchoolPlayground

Ottawa Montessori School Playground, Ontario, Canada

The elementary school ground at the Ottawa Montessorri School includes numerous natural play opportunities for all seasons. There are tabbogan hills for play in the winter, "gates" that stick out above the snow pack to lead the way to the top of the hills. Winter is also the time to play ice hockey on a large open play field. Summer provides play with water and mud as well as simultaneous imaginairy play and climbing opportunities in a uniquely designed wig-wam village. This village makes reference to the local Ottawa tribe. The village is located in a grove of aspen, these trees were traditionally used by the tribe for creating wig-wam covers and for medicinal purposes. More...

Ottawa Montessori Toddler Natural Playground

Toddler Natural Playscape Ottawa Montessori, Ontario, Canada

LandCurrent designed the Toddler Natural Play Garden as part of an assignment to design three natural play and learning environments for the Ottawa Montessori School in Ontario Canada. The Toddler Yard provides many fun opportunities for small children to engage with their environment. Part of the design process included a workshop with teachers and staff. More...

Oregon Hills Natural Play Park

Oregon Hills, Medford, Oregon

The city of Medford, Oregon is in the process of developing a unique park with innovative and natural play opportunities. LandCurrent worked with city staff to design imaginairy and adventurous play opportunities that are accessible for kids in wheelchairs and stimulate children with certain mental disabilities. More...


Silver Falls Theme Playground, Salem, Oregon

The existing playground at the Salem Child Development Center will undergo a dramatic transformation. The playground now is a large asphalt area bound by buildings and a tall chain link fence. This enviromenment will soon become a natural playscape with a wetland pond, trees and vines. An existing large concrete wall will feature a mural of Silver Falls, a nearby natural area. The mural was designed by LandCurrent in conjunction with the design of the new playground. Elements of the natural playground will "flow" into the mural. A local high school class painted the mural as part of their senior arts project. More...

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salemchild toddler

Toddler Play Garden, Salem, Oregon

LandCurrent designed a 5,000 sqft Natural Playground for the Salem Child Care Development Center. The play garden will be used by our very smallest 0 to 3 years old and on occasion by the big boys and girl 3-5 years old. A large lawn area for running is surrounded by a grassy hill, a wooden stage, a willow tunnel, a habitat spriral garden, a shade area, a baby crawl area and a "messy" area. In the messy area kids can bake their mud pies and play with rocks. More...


Early Head Start Barnett House, California

This small Natural Play Garden for toddlers was designed by LandCurrent for an Early Head Start Program in Stockton, California. The play garden has a small hill slide, a trike path, a sand pit , drawing board an opportunity for kids to crawl under a small portion of an existing deck. In addition LandCurrent proposed planting that is easy to maintain and provides interesting textures for the kids to touch and look at.

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Audubon Society

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania

LandCurrent designed an almost one acre nature discovery area with multiple play opportunities for the head quarters of the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. The area is set within beautiful Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve. Play areas included: a sandpit with water trough system, two vegetated tunnels, a muddy play creek, a half-finished tree house, climbing trunk and serpentine walls. Most of the play elements are set in a woodland area. The sandpit is surrounded by sensory plantings and the serpentine walls are set into a wildflower meadow. All play areas are designed to stimulate free unstructured play and to provide visitors with ideas on how to incorporate nature play in their own back yard. LandCurrent worked closely with the client and Let Kids Play! to develop ideas for the area.

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Odyssey Montessori, Beaverton, Oregon

For the Odyssey Montessori in Beaverton, Oregon, LandCurrent facilitated a design workshop with parents and students. This design charrette was very valuable as it brought consensus in one day amongst a group with various opinions on the play environment. In the end LandCurrent designed a varied playground with natural and build components.

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Spinning Boulders, Eugene, Oregon

LandCurrent not only designs play and discovery environments for parks and schools but also incorporates unique and artistic play opportunities in residential private gardens. The spinning boulders at RainWater Residence in Eugene Oregon are intriguing elements for kids. Imagine a kid's fascination when he or she is spinning around a rock weighing over one thousand pounds.

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Cooper Mountain

Cooper Mountain Natural Area, Beaverton, Oregon

LandCurrent created concept plans for a natural play area. The plan sought to teach children through play about the unique situation of perched wetlands on Cooper Mountain. In addition custom nature-themed climbers and a swing were proposed.

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Cooper Mountain

Contemporary Natural Play Garden, Portland, Oregon

This garden is one of a kind, both a contemporay-style garden as well as a natural play yard for the family's two young children.

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