Play, Discovery & Learning for All


LandCurrent provides a complete host of services for planning and designing your nature play, discovery and learning landscapes. We are located in the pacific northwest and so far have focused our efforts on designing natural playscapes in Washington, Oregon and California. However, we are interested in working nationwide and are currently also working in Pennsylvania and in Ottawa, Canada. We strongly believe in providing tailored solutions and services to meet the needs of diverse clients. We can meet with you for just a couple of hours and brainstorm on ideas for your daycare or school. We can even consult with you remotely with the help of email, fax and phone. On the other end of the spectrum we can provide you with a complete set of design drawings and even assist you so that in the end you have an actual build environment for play and learning. Whenever possible we advocate for the close involvement of the children, parents and staff in every major step of the design process. The following is a general summary of types of services of we offer

Lectures and Presentations: Drawing on years of experience and research, LandCurrent offers two engaging lectures to help educate clients, parents, and other potential supporters about the benefits of natural playgrounds. Each of the two lectures can be used as a first step in planning you natural playground design or as an engaging talk at workshops or conferences. Currently we are offering two lectures that have been very well received by the natural play community: Nature Play: Benefits and DIY ideas for your playscape, and Nature Play: Benefits and Current design trends.

Workshops: Inter-active workshops are the most effective way to engage children, parents and staff in brainstorming and actually drawing their most ideal outdoor play and learning environment. These workshops have proven to be a great way to build consensus among users, managers, and supporters of new nature based play, discovery and learning areas.

Concept Master Plan Design Drawings: We provide attractive and engaging Master Plan drawings and illustrations to develop consensus, excitement, and strong visionary support for fundraising and grant applications.

Asset-Based design: We understand that most organizations seeking to provide nature play and learning experiences for children are working with limited resources, both for construction and long-term maintenance. We aim to overcome this challenge by taking an asset-based design approach in which we develop a design with volunteer resources in mind. Many organizations have professionals within their community who are willing to offer professional services for free and in addition can tap into unskilled volunteer labor.

Construction Documentation and Permit drawings: In some cases, permits and contract documents may be required for the construction of a natural play or learning environment. The LandCurrent staff team includes professionally licensed landscape architects with years of experience and technical expertise in all aspects of design and construction, including innovative techniques, habitat restoration and sustainable practices.

Landscape Architecture Services: Because of safety and welfare concerns not everyone is allowed to design a landscape. For example in the state of California only registered professionals such as landscape architects, architects and engineers and C-27 landscape contractors are by law allowed to design landscapes ( including natural playscapes) for non-residential sites. LandCurrent staff is licensed in several states, in addition we can draw upon a vast network of licensed landscape architects throughout the country to assist our clients. We are also very interested in helping non-licensed playscape designers and artists in those states that require oversight by a registered professional.

Playground inspection: LandCurrent has a Certified Public Playground Inspector on staff who is also a natural playground designer and inclusive play advocate. It is hard to imagine anyone more suitable to inspect your play environment. Our inspector can also evaluate your existing play structures to see if it is time to replace them.